10 People That Wish They Winterized Their Home


The season is upon us!  The Christmas lights are hung, the trees are up, and holiday shopping is in full swing.  The weather has finally started to feel more like winter.  Snow is just around the corner.  That means homeowners have some steps to take to make sure they don’t wind up like these unlucky homeowners that didn’t winterize their homes.  Make sure you do these nine things to prepare for cold weather around your house.



  • Close all crawl space vents.  This will keep cold air from freezing your plumbing and flooding your crawl space or house.


  • Disconnect outside hoses.  Leaving your hose connected will cause the water left in the pipe to freeze, once again flooding your basement or crawl space.

  • Trim trees away from house.  When snow or ice hit, those close hanging trees will end up on your roof, causing more damage than it would cost to have them trimmed.
  • Check fireplace for leaks or creosote buildup.  Before you fire up the fireplace, be sure to have your utility company come check for leaks.  One small gas leak can spell catastrophe during those cold winter nights. Also have a chimney sweep come out to make sure the chimney is free of creosote buildup.

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors.  You need these year-round, but especially during the winter when you are going to run that gas fireplace and furnace.
  • Service your furnace.  There is nothing worse than going to turn on the heat the first time and it blowing cold air.  A yearly service on your furnace is an inexpensive step in prevention.

  • Caulk/Seal windows and doors.  Make sure there is no-where that cold air can be coming into your home.  Any air leaks can really affect your utility bill.  A property inspector can use a device to find any pesky air leaks.
  • Install a humidity monitor.  Cold air means dry air. Dry air can do da mage to your interior trim, doors, & floors causing them to shrink.

  • Winterize your irrigation system.  To prevent an ice skating rink in your front yard, hire an irrigation company to winterize your system to prevent freezing in your water lines outside.  



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