3 Benefits of Pricing Your Home Right

If you’re thinking of listing your home, pricing it right is an important step. After all, many buyers have come out of their winter hibernation eager to look for a new home.

Below are just three benefits of a well-priced home:

  1. It may sell faster.  A well-priced home not only captures the attention of potential buyers, it also prompts interested buyers to act.   The sooner they act, the more likely one of them will make an offer and get the process underway.
  2. You’ll target the right buyers.  If the price is right, your home will attract the right buyers who can afford your home.
  3. Your home may sell for closer to its list price.  When a home is priced well, interested buyers will see its value and may submit an offer at or close to your list price.  In some areas, a well-priced home may even set off a bidding war among interested buyers.

Spring is a popular time for sellers to list their homes on the market.  Listing your home involves more than getting it ready for its close-up with potential buyers; to get buyers through the door, the home must be listed at the right price.



Article courtesy of courtesy of Ana Spradling via Buffini & Company.


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