5 Ways to Slash Winter Utility Costs

As the weather starts to turn colder and the furnace and fireplaces start heating up again, many people begin to dread their monthly utility bills. Utility bills do not have to drain your bank account though. Follow these five tips from our Murney agents to keep your utility cost down over the fall and winter months.


1.)  Check Your Home For Leaks


If you notice (especially on a cold windy day) that air is coming in through windows or doors then apply caulk to seal off the air flow. Also a good idea is securing your air conditioner with heavy mil plastic and weather proof tape to keep cold air from infiltrating the home through vents.


2.)  Change Your Air FiltersAutobacs_Pro_Air_conditioner_filter_H-0001

Dirty air and soot flow through all vents and flow downwards. Cleaning or changing out your filters will provide fresh, clean air and good air flow for the heater.


3.)  Check Crawl Spaces











If your home has crawlspace make sure that vapor barriers are installed and tight, ductwork is secured, and crawl space doors are properly sealed. Close your vents around the home as well to keep cold air and moisture out.


4.)  Check Attic Insulation










Use a yardstick to measure the depth of your attic insulation. It should be 13 inches thick or more. If insulation is needed you can add that yourself by renting a machine from a home improvement store such as Lowe’s or Home Depot that will blow in the extra insulation, or you can contact insulation specialists such as Bolivar Insulation to take care of it for you.


5.)  Roof Maintenance



Have a licensed roof inspector inspect your roof for faulty or loose shingles, leaks and roof vent issues. Air can seep out easily and loose or missing shingles can cause moisture build up as well.





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