6 Tips for Getting a Home Loan












1)  Proof of income


  • Payslips
  • Employment details
  • Recent tax returns

As a general rule, lenders like to see that your home loan repayments won't exceed 30-35% of your gross monthly income.


2) Slash Your Debts

Reduce your outstanding debts.  This includes any credit card and/or car loan debt.


3) Save Save Save

A 20% deposit will help you avoid paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance


4) Find a Guarantor

A guarantor, such as a parent, can financially support your loan application by securing it against their home.


5)  Prove Repayment History

Prove that you can make consisten repayments.  Supply bank statements or a repayment history of a loan – such as a car loan – that you have had previously.  This will reassure the lender that you are capable of constant payments.


6)  Minimize Loan Applications

Keep your loan applications to a minimum.  Previous loan knockbacks can leave a mark on your credit history.


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