A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

We all tell a story through the photographs we take and real estate pictures are no different. We search the internet for our “dream home” by the pictures that we see over and over again. The picture actually SELLS us before we ever actually see the house. Homeowners and Realtors alike either take good or bad photos, mostly bad really, so here is a great list of tips to help out when taking photos of your home or a listing so that it tells the correct story to sell the property.

1. If there is a cat in the house, it will end up in at least one picture. They are natural photo bombers and cannot help themselves.
2. Yellow rooms are hard to photograph. The pictures may look yellow. Dirt and dust shows up in photographs.
3. Small rooms can be photographed with a wide-angle lens. But they may still look small.
4. Photography and staging are two separate operations. Often real estate agents and sellers think that part of the photographer’s job is to rearrange furniture.
5. Photoshop is a great tool. But be warned: It is much easier to Photoshop a unicorn INTO a picture (sitting on the couch, perhaps) than it is to Photoshop OUT the tree in front of the sun-dappled house.
6. Chopping the tree down and removing it is the best way to keep it out of the picture.
7. Most bathrooms are almost impossible to photograph because they are too small.
8. It is possible to use a flash in a room with a mirror or a window and not get any flash back in the glass.
9. Nighttime interior shots look freaky. Don’t even try to take them.
10. Figure out which way the home faces, and where the sun will be, BEFORE making an appointment to go photograph it. It is best if the sun is behind the photographer, or to the side. Shooting into the sun messes up the shot.
11. Use a professional camera! Taking pictures with your Smartphone or Tablet may look good but the settings don’t revert over to most multi-lists’ properly.
12. DO NOT USE A WIDE ANGLE LENSE!!!!! You may get people into the home to see it but it WILL NOT REPRESENT the home to be in a true state and the buyer’s will leave upset.

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