To kick off our new Ask a Designer series, we are featuring Sharon Taylor, interior designer and owner of Pickwick House. Sharon is based in Springfield and has worked on interior design projects for STAXX, Jellybeans, Boca Mocha, The Dress, and many more. She has won several 417 Best of Design awards and has been nationally published in Better Homes and Gardens. Today she is giving us a few tips on the best places in Springfield to shop for home decor and what’s trending right now!

Murney:   What are a few of your favorite things about the Springfield area?

Sharon Taylor:   Springfield is a great place to raise a family. It’s a big/small town with plenty of things to do, without it being too big to navigate. I’m a city/country girl, so luckily Springfield has a lot of great, locally owned restaurants and shops downtown. My passion is endurance sports, and recently discovered and am obsessed with Two Rivers Park for mtn biking, running/hiking. It’s becoming a huge destination spot for athletic enthusiasts here in the Midwest. Having been a longtime member of the Downtown and South YMCA, I cannot say enough about their motivational atmosphere, and sense of community. I live in Rountree, so I’m minutes away from all the good things Springfield has to offer. And Pickwick and Cherry corner are the heart of the city.

MA:  What are some modern interior trends among homes in the midwest right now?

ST: Seeing a trend with the hipsters refurbing midcentury homes. Along with that, their modern updates include using an eclectic mix of reproduced mid century style furnishings. Granite counter tops started fading out a few years ago. It’s being replaced by marbles. Brass {more of a matte brass} is starting to replace a lot of nickel finishes with hardware, lighting, decor.

MA:   One staple item you feel that everyone should have in their home?

ST:   Comfortable Chairs. And, lots of them. Bunny Williams said everyone should have at least two sets of dining room chairs at the ready. In case you want to throw a party.



MA:  What are some local stores where homeowners can buy decor at an affordable price?

ST:  For flea market prices and unique statement pieces, I recommend Urban Market and Thrift Haven. They are my daily go-to’s. The new Home Store on South Campbell for the most current and trending staple pieces.

MA:  Any advice you would give to people starting in on a redesign of their living spaces in 2016?

ST:  Ask yourself if you know what you want and what your expectations are for the redesign process. To me, it’s about hiring the right people to help see it through. Saving you money on costly mistakes. I have plenty of experience in design, and coaching through the redesign/renovation process. Call me for coffee and we can found out if we match up!
For the smaller redesigns…like if you’re out shopping for home decor and you’re stressed out about what to buy, but you want to make your space an instant happy place, please call me. We are now offering ‘instant coaching packages’ that are quick, easy, and most anyone can afford it.




Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, Sharon! Whether you’re looking to redesign a room in your home or just looking for some new inspiration, be sure to check out Sharon on Facebook at Pickwick House or at

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