Back to School Safety Tips


Pencils, backpacks, glue; smiles, nervousness and excitement; these are the days of back to school here in the Ozarks. Many rural schools have already begun and Springfield schools begin the 12th of  August, but with school beginning to quickly for most we have some tips for children, parents and the public on road safety as well as school safety. 

To the Parents:

Dress your children appropriately for school. Does your child have PE (wear tennis shoes), art (wear something they can get dirty), etc. If your child rides the bus early and it is going to be cool send a jacket with them because as it warms up they can put it in their backpack.

Buy a backpack that is light weight and colorful so your child can be seen and is easy to walk or ride their bikes with.

Send your child with a cell phone for emergency purposes ONLY. You never know when your child needs their parent but remember to tell them that during the day to give their phone to the front office or to their teacher so they are not disrupted during class.

Teach your children the “ways of the road.” Kids need to know cycling hand signals, how to use crosswalks appropriately and how to not talk to strangers no matter what.

Most importantly teach your children the importance of nutrition at school. Whether you send your child with a lunch or they purchase a school lunch, teach them to eat their fruits and vegetables, drink milk rather than soda and skip on the sugary snacks. 

To the Children:

OBEY your parents! Listen to the safety tips your parents give you.

Eat well and drink your milk.

Remember good hygiene.

DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS! Walk in groups of people.

Learn the “ways of the road.” Use cross walks correctly.

Do your homework right after school so you can go play.

Get to bed early so you are refreshed for the following day.

Listen to your teachers and authorities.

HAVE FUN!!!!! 

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