Cool Nights are Here!

It's November now, and our nights are getting cooler! One way to extend the season for enjoying company outside is by adding a fire pit to your yard. Not only will it keep you toasty, but you can make S'mores while you socialize.

Fire pits have a long history in American Landscape Architecture. Jens Jensen, one of the preeminent landscape architects in our history, often placed a "council ring" in his designs. This design had its roots in the history of Native Americans, and the Dutch-born landscape architect thought that they were very American – rooted in the history of its native people and a very democratic setting. He felt that seating everyone at an equal height in a circle (no head of the table) put everyone in an equal position. These circles were the perfect venue for talking, dancing, stories, music, etc.

This pit has a more natural look, with less precise geometry and rougher stones.

This is such a versatile and geometric spot. It works with the modern grid and complements the house.

This landscape has it all – earth, air, fire and water!

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