Do You Trust Your Realtor?

After attending a highly respected seminar this past week in Denver, Colorado with The Enterprise Network, we were astonished to learn that Americans trust Realtors as much as they trust “Big Oil,” and “The Federal Government.” Seriously??????? Although these are  just statistics, we honestly hope that here in Southwest Missouri people do TRUST us. Of course there are always going to be some clients who go through bad experiences.When that happens, (especially at Murney Associates, Realtors) we want to know ASAP. The last thing our company wants is an unhappy client.

The one thing that you, the public, needs to keep in mind is that not all Realtors are the same, nor are all real estate companies. Here in Springfield, MO alone “we have 384 real estate companies, mostly independent and a few national companies,” says the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors. Although we all are to abide by the same rules and regulations formed by NAR and the MREC,that does not mean things always go as planned. Here are some tips on how best to communicate with your Buyer or Seller Agents so that every transaction is a smooth transaction.


First and foremost, when communication is lost between the agent and client, problems arise substantially. If you are a Buyer; type or write a list of features you want in a home from an open floor plan to a privacy fenced yard. Get SPECIFIC with your agent and give them the list so they know exactly what you are expecting. If you are a Seller, it’s not much different. Write out what you expect from your Realtor so that you are matched with a Realtor that is able to meet your needs. Sometimes if  the  Selling Agent is your friend, things can get heated so make sure all parties involved stay professional and courteous on all matters.


As real estate professionals, it is our job to be knowledgeable about our market from comparable pricing to negotiating a sale. If you, as a consumer, are believing what other websites like Zillow or Trulia are saying about your home, just realize that these syndicated sites do not pull updated information as fast as local websites like do. If you feel you are being misrepresented on pricing call an appraiser and have your own appraisal done so you know what your home will sell for or can be purchased for.


This is the one issue we deal with every day. All we as agents can do is listen and communicate ourselves to ensure the best services to our clients. Make sure you and your agent “FIT.” You should be able to get along, crack jokes, and have fun because the buying and selling process can be stressful so make sure your agent (from Murney Associates, Realtors of course) fits your criteria of the Realtor that meets your needs. When in doubt ask them questions to get comfortable with them.

Following these short tips will make your real estate process easier than most. Happy Shopping and Selling!

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