Economic Momentum in Springfield Gives Interested Homebuyers a Good Reason to Settle Down Here

More projects, more economic growth, and more jobs are all occurring in Springfield, MO. This is a great reason for people to migrate to this area or continue residing in the Queen City. Here are a few statistics about Springfield’s economy from the past year:

  • Airport traffic is up 10% so far this year.
  • Manufacturing is up 2.3%.
  • Average wages are growing, up more than 4.4%.
  • Job growth is up 6%; nearly 12,000 jobs were created in the last 12 months.
    In the 4th quarter of 2011, Springfield was leading the country in job growth. In fact, in December, Springfield was second in the nation in job growth.
  • Since the peak of Springfield’s unemployment in 2009 at 9.7%, November, December, and January represent the first time since the recession that the unemployment has remained under 7% for three months in a row.

If these trends continue, Springfield has a positive outlook for the remaining 2012 year.

*Based off of the “Economic momentum pushes Springfield ahead of pack” article by Jay Scherder at

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