Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Heather & Todd had a beautiful home in Republic. Only married for a couple years, Todd made the decision to enlist in the Army and was shipped off to basic training. Once finished with training, Heather & Todd were going to move to North Carolina to start their new military life together at Fort Bragg. The couple tasked Team 24/7 with selling their new home so they could make their move. We listed it with high hopes at a great price. Just barely 2 months into the listing process, we got a full price offer on their home, little did we know, our work had just begun!

Typically when we sell a home, it takes roughly 30 days to close the loan, the buyers move in when they close, and everyone is happy. That was not the case on this couple’s home. The buyer we found had been relocated to Springfield and had just started a new position with the Federal Medical Prison in Springfield. In order to obtain the financing they needed, the buyer had to be employed there for 6 months, requiring the seller to rent to the buyer for that period, waiting to close on their home so they could move on with their life in North Carolina. After much discussion, the buyer and our seller came to an agreement on letting the buyer live in the home for the 6 months prior to closing.

In the meantime, because Todd was in basic training, Heather was left to navigate the process on her own. She had to obtain a Power of Attorney for him before he ever left which made signing all of the necessary paperwork tricky and time consuming. With the help of Team 24/7 Realtors, Heather and Todd closed on their home exactly 6 months after having received the initial offer on their home. Looking back, it doesn’t always work out exactly how you have it all planned, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The couple is now settled in North Carolina in their new home. Congratulations Heather & Todd!

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