Home Building on the Rise in 2013

The HBA of Greater Springfield Home Show was a huge success this past weekend and it appears people are stepping back into the housing market.

The builders say they’ve adjusted their approach to home construction and are going back to the basics. “I like the vaulted ceilings. It makes the room look bigger more open,” says visitor Sara Reynolds. The flow of people going through the Home Show was constant. Stan and Patti Sellers visited to get ideas for more exterior features that they can add to their home. “It seems like the contractors are really putting more effort into the building and like you said granite, back splash and really professional backsplash I think the average price for a home you get a little more for your money now.”

Builder Rusty McLachlan says that’s the idea. Building homes that are more affordable and efficient for the average buyer. “What really has appealed to me more recently is trying to the most home, the best home that I can get for the money and produce it for a wider range of people.” A big appeal is granite throughout the house, energy efficient windows and insulation and heating and air. “Because people have held off on purchasing a home for a while people are realizing that the time is right, interest rates will never be better.”

Interest rates are one thing but Matt Marrow with HBA says greater Springfield is in even greater shape than other areas of the country when it comes to buying homes. He says the housing bubble never grew as big as it did in other places and there’s another big factor that puts us ahead of the game. “Because of the fact that our unemployment rate is 2 full percentage points lower than the national average and also lower in the state average that’s one of the reasons our population continues to grow in our area and people have to have an adequate place to live.”

Southwest Missouri has so much to offer in building styles, architect’s, subdivisions with adequate lots and amenities and the best thing is that there is a builder out there to fit each person’s needs and lifestyle.


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