House Hunting: How To Be Two Places At Once

These days we all struggle with the same thing for the most part: TIME!  We have found a solution to help you accomplish everything in your busy schedules and still not miss out on that great deal that came across your email on the house you have had your eye on.  We call it a "Web Cam Walk-Through".   Using a simple, free app on any smart phone, we will walk you through starting from the outside and all the way through the house.  We can use our senses to tell you what we are seeing, such as:  funny smells, stains in carpets, or stains in ceilings.  It is often hard to understand the layout of a home just from the pictures online, so allow us to walk you through the home, explaining how it is layed out.  Here are a few instances where Web Cam Walk-Throughs were a great solution for our clients:

  •  We recently found a home for a soldier overseas.  He needed a house by the time he came home.  We viewed several homes with a family member and then once we had narrowed it down, we did a Web Cam Walk-Through with him so he could pick his favorite!  
  • We also had a client who had been looking for a house for quite a while but was sick and couldn't leave his home when the PERFECT home came on the market.  We got him on web cam and toured the home and he bought it the next day!
  • We have clients all the time that, because of their hectic work schedule, are unable to view a home when it is light outside.  Web Cam Walk-Throughs have become a perfect solution to be able to show them around the neighborhood and the outside of the home when they can really see what they are looking at.
  • We recently showed a home to a couple that was in Kansas but had been transferred to the Springfield, MO area and wanted us to show them houses before they got here.  They were only going to be here for a weekend so time was of the essence and we needed to have a narrowed down list prepared for them.  They came in town and looked at the 3 we had narrowed it down to with them and one of them ended up being their dream home.

No matter what your situation is, we can use a Web Cam Walk-Through to take the hassle out of house hunting.  We know it can be time consuming and want to make it as convenient as possible.  Contact us today to set up your own Web Cam Walk-Through!

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