Last-Minute Christmas Decor








Double Duty

Create a splashy showcase for your favorite Christmas ornaments by perching them atop assorted candlesticks. Unify the display by using ornaments with a similar color palette and candlesticks that are similar in color or shape.
Tip: Keep fragile ornaments stable by using museum wax or Tacky Wax (check crafts stores or online) to anchor them to the candlesticks


Seasonal Fashion

Give an ordinary pillow a touch of Christmas style with holiday-theme silk scarves. Wrap scarves around a pillow to resemble a package, and tie the ends together in a pretty bow. Hand-stitch the bow to the pillow to secure if desired. Use red satin ribbon to tie large red jingle bells to the center of the bow. Knot the ribbon ends and trim with scissors.


Dressed for the Holidays

Add Christmas sparkle to a room by suspending glass or silver ornaments from a chandelier.
Tip: We used a variety of pretty ribbon for this project, but a single type of ribbon to unify the display would work, too.


Instant Glamour

Add some bling to a plain Christmas stocking by pinning an antique brooch to the cuff.
Tip: Create a similar look by adding a small ornament or jingle bell.



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