Never Say Never

In Real Estate, a large majority of our business comes from doing a good job for a client who then refers you to someone else or will remember you for their next transaction. That was certainly the case for this next client.

We were all brought together when we got the chance to convert their gorgeous historic home on Fremont from “For Sale By Owner” to our newest listing. It was truly the gem of the neighborhood and the interest in the home showed it. During one open house we had over 75 curious people through to see it. During the listing period, the couple decided to move his elderly Mother in with them into a new home so they could more effectively care for her. We got to looking for their new home and at the same time got to list his Mother’s home as well. Just a month or so into listing his Mother’s home, we sold it at a great price! The negotiation process went smoothly, as did all of the inspections and appraisals. Then we got the news . . .His Mother passed away at the age of 91. The family buried their mother on the day they were supposed to close on her home. As sad as we all were in her passing, it eventually came time to navigate the business side of it all.

This is where our advice comes in. Always, always, always be prepared. Thankfully, this family was. They had prepared and recorded a beneficiary deed for her home to her three children. Had they not had the foresight to take this step, that house may still be in probate today. Here is a little piece knowledge we also pulled from this experience; even though it was deeded to her children solely, because they were married, their spouses also had to sign and approve the sale of the home. This fact put a little twist into the story. Not because they didn’t all get along or want to sell the home, but because they were all scattered in different states. After tracking everyone down, we were finally ready to close on their Mother’s home. In the end, it only took an additional two weeks to pull it off!

Not too long after the sale of his Mother’s home, he and his wife sold their home and found their dream home in Springfield. They are settled their today and absolutely love their new place. This transaction became the epitome in our office of “Never Say Never” and is a really good reason why our Team 24/7 slogan is “We Make It Happen”.

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