Price it Right!!!

When listing your home, it is our job to help you price your home correctly.  We consider it a death nail to overprice a home.  Homes in the Greater Springfield area are on the market on an average of 83 days, almost 3 months!  While in the mean time, you are having to make payments, keep the utilities going, and regular maintenance on the home.  We have found that the longer your home sits on the market, the less you get for it in the end, even after you make all those payments.  For example, we have found that homes that sell in the first 30 days usually get around 98% of their list price and homes that sell between 31-60 days get around 96.5% of their list price.  That trend continues the longer it is on the market, taking more money out of your pocket!  Team 24/7 is dedicated to being the best at pricing a home correctly, the first time, so that you can get every thin dime out of your home.  Be sure to contact us to get a free, no obligation pricing analysis on your home today!

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