Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing

Before searching for a Springfield property and embarking on a money-investing expenditure like real estate, you need to understand how the process works, not only personally but also financially.  When I first began to learn real estate investing, I was unaware of everything that it entailed. However, after taking advice from many different people in and around the business, it became more and more clear to me what decisions to make, and what decisions to shy away from.

Here are a few pro and cons of real estate investing:

Pros for Real Estate Investing

You are the one making the decision on pricing and upgrading of the property, no one else. You have sole control of your own property, therefore you can make any and all decisions that you want. You set the price. You figure out what needs to be done.

You pick whether you want to re-sell or if you want to rent it. All you. No one else.
Investing in a single-family property rental is much easier to sell than if you had a commercial real estate property. Again, you make the decision and you reap the benefits of your decisions.

By having one or more real estate properties, you get many tax benefits. As a tax deduction, you get many reliefs from interest and points each year. You might have to meet certain conditions, but primarily your interest will be tax deductible.

If you take care of the house and maintain it, there is no reason that you can’t rent it for many years while making significant profits each and every year. Make sure that the time and effort is put into making the real estate investment look suitable to any potential renter so that it is a hot commodity when you want to give it to the next renter.

Having any sort of real estate has significant value because people are always in need of finding a place to call home. This could be a commercial property, a single-family home, a rental property. It doesn’t matter. Owning real estate is something that you can always have in your back pocket as a smart investment because you have an asset that many other people don’t have.

Cons for Real Estate Investing

Many of the best rental properties never change hands in terms of the owners so that might be a tough spot you are put into. You might end up taking a chance on a property that might not be able to make money (or why else would it be on the market to sell?).

Depending on what the financial state of the market is, you still have no guarantees on making a profit from year to year. There is definitely a risk to be taken when it comes to getting a property so know that upfront before thinking it is a shoe-in to make a financial profit.

When you get a place that actually comes up on the market, chances are you are going to have to put in money to fix many areas of the house. It could be sewage problems. It could be drainage problems. It could be structural damage. All of these are problems that will need to be addressed even before you think about putting it on the market to make money.

If you don’t have a tenant for some time, you can be staring at financial issues right in the face. You need to figure out whether your efforts in maintaining the property will be the right ones to keep the place from not having vacancy. Doing your research upfront about the property and the surrounding area in terms of investments can go a long way.

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