Real Estate Craigslist Scams

As real estate professionals it is our priority to advertise our client’s listings in every avenue possible. Most of our local avenues are Springfield, MO News-Leader, Greater Springfield Board of Realtors, Homes Magazine, Your New Home Magazine, Springfield Business Journal, 417 Magazine and over 62 internet search engines,  but one of our best avenues Craigslist, is being compromised on a daily basis. Most of the time we never know what is going on until contacted by a Buyer or Rentor regarding the wrong info on the property. is a common Craigslist real estate scam: A phony ad is placed on Craigslist for a property to rent or buy with normally a Yahoo or gmail account holder. Once you email them about the property they will disclose IN FULL DETAIL as to why they are renting out the home or selling it. Most of the time it is because they are moving across the country or out of the country totally. They set up a Paypal account and once their accomplice meets you at the property (with the wrong keys to the home) and explains that if you like it they need the deposit and first months rent sent to a certain Paypal account. They then vanish, with your money and now you have no home to move into.

What should you do?

1.)    NEVER EVER meet someone you do not know at a property before you look the agent/person up first on or

2.)    NEVER EVER give money to anyone if you feel that something is not right. People are being robbed and in some cases murdered for their money.

3.)     Report any long distance phone numbers that look suspicious.

4.)     Look up the home address on and see if the home has an agent or did have one. Call the agent and ask them about the home. Is it for sale? Is it for rent? Did the home sell, expire or withdrawal? Tell the agent where you saw the ad for the home so that they know what is going on with their listing.

5.)     Report it to Craigslist immediately.

6.)    For more information directly from Craigslist about what to do when faced with a scam, visit

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