Six Winterization Tips for the Home

Isn’t it fun to get your first “real” heating bill of the season? If you’re like most of the world it is a dreaded bill every month. Here are 6 tips to help you with lowering your heating bills and keeping unnecessary “winter” events from occurring in your home this winter.

1. Walk thru the interior of your home in front of windows, electrical outlets and doors with an incense stick or light a match to see where the outside air is coming in. You need to make sure the outside air is not getting in so, caulk around your windows, inside and out to close off the access air. Take off all outlets covers and spray sealant foam inside. Put weather stripping where necessary inside doorframes.

2. Look in your attic to make sure you have enough insulation to keep your house warm. The recommended depth is 15 to 19 inches of insulation.

3. Walk around the exterior of your home and unhook all hoses from the spigot so water does not freeze inside your pipes.

4. Clean out all gutters and crawlspaces of debris. Cleaning out the gutters will make water/snow/ice flow better and will not ruin the gutter itself or cause water to seep into your home.

5. Get your furnace, thermostats and water heater inspected by a licensed professional to make sure the lines are clear, temperatures are running correctly and filters are changed/or cleaned.

6. If going out of town for the holidays or vacation be sure to shut off the main water pressure valve, turn your thermostat to 58 degrees, and unplug all cords from outlets to preserve energy.

Happy Holidays from Murney Associates, Realtors from all of our offices in Springfield MO, Nixa MO, Ozark MO and Seymour MO!

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