The Woman-Cave

The typical scenario goes something like this: the room that used to be the garage or the extra bedroom or maybe even the entire basement gets co-opted by the man of the house, adorned with all sorts of branded banners and other team-logoed stuff and is christened the Man Cave or the Dude Dungeon or some other similarly monikered male-dominated space with the idea being that the rest of the house is the woman’s domain and therefore the man needs his special man space.

Seems fair, really. Most women we know don’t mind a bit that all the stuff we don’t want strewn throughout the rest of the house is relegated to one place.

Except for this: There isn’t really a woman space equivalent – not in the kitchen or the living room or the breakfast nook or even the bathroom (even though it does have a soaking tub and a sit-down vanity and an immense walk-in closet with custom shoe storage.)

If you’re one who believes that women need that one special place of their own, the “She Shed,” so named by folks at Lighter Side of Real Estate, might be your answer. Check out a bevy of their She Sheds here, and then see a few more examples below.

Storybook hideaway/Zen lounge on Rural Intelligence? Yes please!
Also featured on Rural Intelligence, this shed turned “Anglo-American” stunner was created for a contest, but should start being mass-produced right this very second.
This designer shed from Shedly is ideal as a beachy modern getaway.
A potting shed? An outdoor living room? This choice is yours in this shed featured on
This shed from Costco featured on Tiny House Blog would be easy to doctor up to turn it into a retreat for those looking for a satisfying DIY project.
Don’t you just want to curl up and read a book in this breezy shed on The Cozy Abode?
Outdoor office anyone? Featured on Design Mom.
Check out this shed-turned-poolhouse and a ton of other ideas here.
Another DIY shed, this deluxe space from CNB Homes even has solar panels.
This cute potting shed is also a chic place to hang out. See more potting sheds on Shelterness.

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