Joel Gaisford Is An Excellent Realtor

Joel Gaisford is an excellent realtor, he sold my house 6 days after listing it this August. After the sale, he proceeded to find exactly what I was looking for in my next house and negotiated a price well below market value for the area. To anyone looking to sell and/or purchase a home, it is an  emotional and stressful task. It doesn’t matter how calm and logical you are, if you put money into a house and find that it doesn’t sell for the price you want because the market won’t bear it…you’re going to be displeased about it, and you aren’t going to make good decisions from that point on. I would say that exact scenario is why having a realtor is almost always a good idea. But you don’t want just any realtor, you want someone that’s passionate about their work and experienced with home sales as well as home renovation. That someone is Joel, and I know that because I went through exactly that scenario.

I spent 10 years in my previous house, a lot of time and effort went into making the place livable and attractive to sell. When it came time to list, I found the market had recovered only enough to return my equity, but not reflect the improvements. I was admittedly angry about that, but the market doesn’t care about my feelings or what I felt the house was worth. The market looks at the features inside the house, the neighborhood its built in, and the value of recently sold comparable nearby homes. Nowhere in that equation did the price reflect my effort and struggle with the house, If I had tried to list the place on my own perceived value in my head, I’d still be sitting unhappily in that house right now. As I write this review from my wonderful new home I realize I have Joel to thank for it.

Joel is the rational voice that we all need when the time comes to make these decisions. He knows what he’s talking about because he personally renovates houses in addition his work as a realtor. His job is to help you make the best decisions based on the best information available at the time, and he does that very well. Had I hired him earlier in the process, he could have helped me make better choices on what improvements I put into my old house. If you want to save time, make money, lower your stress levels then Joel is the right realtor for you.” – Glenn K.

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