5 Reasons to Shop on Small Business Saturday

The holiday season offers many reminders of why it pays to shop locally. While it’s easy to get lured into big retailer’s deals on Black Friday, don’t forget to make room for one more shopping trip the day after. Supporting local businesses this Small Business Saturday will turn out to be very rewarding. Here are some great reasons to shop on Small Business Saturday, to be held on Nov. 30 this year: 

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1. Support the local economy 

By buying local, your money stays local. Small businesses reinvest in the local economy at a much higher rate than retailers and chains. For every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays in the community, according to Amy Hartzler, director of communications for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a nonprofit that advocates building strong local economies. That’s more than twice the amount chains reinvest. This means higher tax revenues for local governments. Even if buying local means spending a little bit more, your community will receive a greater portion of your purchase. 

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2. More local jobs

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses employ about two-thirds of all private-sector employees in the U.S. Shopping at local businesses helps these smaller shops keep their doors open and their workers employed. Every $10 million of spending at a local business creates 57 jobs, whereas the same spending at Amazon creates 14 jobs at the mega business, the organization reports, according to the alliance. 

3. Strengthen local networks 

Shopping at small businesses provides access to local expertise about what products and services work best in your geographic area. For example, a local garden shop can tell you which type of outdoor plants grow best this time of year. You can also get more personalized service by establishing a relationship with the owner as well as quicker resolution to customer service issues.

4. Unique gifts

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You’ll often find gifts in local shops you won’t find in larger stores — like handmade jewelry and home goods. These gifts can add a special touch that you can’t get from mass-produced products. Here is a list of small businesses in the area that will offer the most unique gifts this holiday season:

5. Increase Real Estate values 

Neighborhoods served by successful small businesses see home values increase 50 percent on average, according to the alliance. If your neighborhood is full of vibrant local businesses, then the value of your neighborhood will increase as it becomes more desirable. As real estate prices grow, communities can attract new investments to spur continued economic growth. An influx of new residents increases local tax revenue, which can be used to invest in infrastructure such as schools, public safety departments, libraries and parks that strengthen communities and drive future growth.

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Small Business Saturday highlights benefits for both businesses and consumers. But it’s hard to overestimate the positive impacts of shopping locally — not just during the holidays but also throughout the year.


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