“If it’s not a Bussell Home, it’s just another house.”

Team 24/7 Realtors represents Bussell Building as the Bussell Building Sales Team.

Bussell Building Inc. is a locally grown company that started over 20 years ago when they built only one home at a time. The Bussell family has invested in the community they call home year after year and become the region’s #1 home builder.

Bussell Building has unrivaled workmanship in the home building industry. Focusing on a high level of quality and energy efficiency, they use extensive quality control checklists during each phase of construction.

Bussell homes are constructed with the utmost integrity and the highest standards of customer service.

The Bussell standard is that every customer is confident in their choice with Bussell Building as their home builder, secure in their investment, and thrilled with their new purchase, so when you move in, “it feels like home”.

From Bussell Building’s superintendents, office staff and sub-contractor crews to their sales professionals, superior customer service resonates throughout Bussell Building and is a part of the culture that makes the company a success. Bussell Building is focused on creating the kind of building experience that makes a Bussell home the last kind of home their owners ever want to build.

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