Five Great Gifts for New Neighbors

Moving to a new neighborhood can be hard. Why not show your new neighbors a warm welcome with a gift? This will give you the perfect opportunity to formally meet and make them feel more comfortable in there new home. Here are five gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile!   

  1. Snacks
There’s nothing more comforting than baked goods straight out of the oven. Get creative and make something out of the ordinary for your new neighbors like tarts, croissants, or turnovers . Make sure to provide a full list of ingredients in case your neighbors have allergies. There’s also nothing wrong with gifting a store bought meat and cheese snack tray, fruit basket, or chocolates!    
  1. Fruits and Vegetables
For those of you who love to garden, your home grown produce is sure to be a hit! Share the bounty in a variety if you are able. You could even put together a grow kit with seeds, a tool for weeding, and a nice pair of gardening gloves. Who knows you may inspire your new neighbors to start a garden of their own!   
  1. A touch of green
Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers or a potted plant, your neighbor will appreciate the life fresh greenery will bring to their new home. If your going for a potted plant, choose one that won’t require a lot of maintenance like succulents.You may also put together a small herb garden with mint, basil, and thyme.  
  1. Host a small gathering
Plan a small meet and greet to welcome your new neighbors. This will give you an excuse to have a party and will help your new neighbors acclimate to the neighborhood. A backyard BBQ or game night are fun ways to get everyone together.   
  1. A gift card to a great local restaurant
Let’s face it, moving is exhausting so your new neighbors may not be up for preparing a meal. After all, their kitchen may still be filled with boxes! Offering a gift card to your favorite local restaurant is a nice gesture that will introduce them to local eats.    After giving your new neighbors a small gift, ask if there is anything you can do to help them get settled. Ensure your neighbors that you’ll be there for them whenever they need something. ]]>

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