Home Staging: Why do it?

Staging a home for sale is not a new concept, but it is a practice that has gained steam in the 417 area as our market has grown and become more challenging. As we all know, first impressions are everything. Home staging helps boost that first impression by providing prospective buyers the opportunity to see the full potential in a home and directs the focus on its unique features, spaces, architecture, and possibilities.

Fourteen Fifteen Staging & Interior Home Design

Fourteen Fifteen Staging & Interior Home Design is a new local staging business that is owned by the duo of Kelley Strong (Republic, MO) and Madi Johnson (Ash Grove, MO). Fourteen Fifteen Staging works with realtors, home owners, and businesses to achieve all of their staging and interior home design goals within a client’s budget. The company offers a variety of services, including vacant home staging, owner occupied staging, and soft staging.

Kelley Strong has been passionate about home decorating her whole life – but she did not want a business that was just like everyone else’s. Together, Strong and Johnson formed their business around the idea of going beyond the standard. Home staging seemed to be the perfect fit to not only fulfill their passions, but to also fill a somewhat untapped niche in Southwest Missouri.

Fourteen Fifteen Staging & Interior Home Design

“We’re not just plain vanilla,” says Strong. “We’re able to fit each home’s style and appeal to the masses, whether that’s modern, rustic, or traditional – you name it, we stage it.” Having versatile style and going above and beyond for each client are crucial components as to what makes Fourteen Fifteen unique in comparison to other staging and interior decorating businesses in 417 Land.

One of the biggest reasons why seller’s and realtors shy away from staging their homes is because they are afraid of what it might cost. Combating this common thought, the Fourteen Fifteen team said, “Staging doesn’t have to be expensive, or an entire home. Some clients will want us to specifically design the most popular rooms, like the living room and kitchen, or a problem room, such as a small room with odd angles. The average fee you pay for a staging service is nothing compared to the return-on-investment you will receive for doing so.”

Along with enhancing the look of the home, statistics prove that realtors who have taken advantage of staging services have seen a boost in their reputation, a quicker selling rate, and some are even seeing homes sell for ABOVE the asking price. Now that’s the power of staging!

Fourteen Fifteen Staging & Interior Home Design

But that’s not all this business does for you… Fourteen Fifteen also offers photography bundles, social media blasts, and special occasion staging for events such as business conferences and holiday parties. Fourteen Fifteen will impress your guests and make your event stand out by turning an ordinary venue into a stunning experience.
As you can see, Fourteen Fifteen Staging & Interior Home Design is really a “one stop shop” for realtors, or anyone looking to sell their home.

Want to know more? Check out their variety of services and full photo galleries at www.fourteenfifteenstaging.com. This dynamic duo is sure to bring great value to any home they design!


Don’t Be Standard…Stand Out!

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