6 Tips to Decorate your Home for Fall

Team 24/7 Realtors
Team 24/7 Realtors
Published on September 20, 2021

Even warm weather lovers can’s deny the pleasure that comes from throwing on a cozy chunky knit sweater or taking part in a jack-o’-lantern carving sesh. As summer turns into fall, it’s time to welcome the season that’s meant for comfy nights in. In fact, one silver lining that has come out of staying home so much is the opportunity to really get the vibe right in your space.

This is especially during fall, the time of year where being at home is actually fun, especially when it means decking your home out in the coziest, chicest seasonal décor. So whether you’re the type to hang leaf garlands or put up pumpkin themed everything in every possible corner- or someone that just likes to introduce autumnal accent colors into your space after summer, you’ll find six quick tips on how to decorate your home this fall.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

It’s best to chose eye-catching colors because they add the perfect balance to neutral shades, and will add that pop of color your fall décor needs without being super busy. To incorporate this amazing color to your décor you can use throw pillows and blankets, fabric pumpkins, faux fall stems, rugs, or if you need a big change you can add some rust orange furniture like armchairs, this color is guaranteed to warm up your place.

Pumpkins and more Pumpkins

Nothing screams fall more than our old friend the pumpkin, adding this element to your fall décor is a must and it’s so much fun decorating with them, there’s just so many options out there, different sizes and colors, you can choose the faux ones or the real ones, they are great for indoor and outdoor décor, it will all depend on your style.

When it comes to decorating with pumpkins, the opportunity is really endless, you can paint them, carve them or simply leave them natural, but this beautiful vegetable will transform your home into an autumnal paradise.

3. Smells like Fall

Fall scents are reflected by the activities of the season, pumpkin carving, raking leaves, apple picking, baking an apple pie and everything else you’ll likely be doing during this season, these scents will bring back memories, lift your spirits and calm your mind. Incorporating them into your décor with candles will make any space feel warm and inviting.

The options are endless, you can create a beautiful fall centerpiece for your dining and coffee table using candles and pumpkins. Another great idea to add fall candles to your décor is by using lanterns. They look nice displayed next to a fireplace on that corner you never know how to decorate. Speaking of fireplaces, there’s nothing quite cozy in the fall as a fire glowing in the hearth and one of my favorite places to decorate for this season is the mantel, you can add candle holders, candles, garlands, gourds, pumpkins, faux stems and beautiful vases among so many other elements, the options can go on and on.

4. Bring in some Texture

Adding texture to your décor means creating visual interest, you can do that in many different ways, and the key here is diversity. Throw pillows are a great way to experiment with texture. Fall is the perfect season to switch things up around the house, using throw pillows and blankets will make the room feel extra cozy.

Another great way to incorporate texture to your fall décor is adding some layers. I’m referring to the layering of different materials and colors in a space, for example, if you have a floating shelf , try adding different picture frames or fall wall décor, instead of suing only one signature piece, use 2 or 3 different sizes, layer them in different directions, thee elements will create texture to any décor.

5. Step into Fall

It’s super easy to give your front porch a seasonal refresh with fall décor, besides creating a warm and inviting entry for your guests, you’ll be improving your home curb appeal, it doesn’t matter if you have a beautiful porch with seating or a small stoop, no matter the size, adding the right amount of fall décor will transform your space.

Start with a wreath, you you already decided your color scheme, you can have it in your outdoor décor as well, but that’s not a rule, pick the colors that make you happy. A natural fiber front door mat with a fall theme is always fun to have, and here you can add texture again if you layer a different mat underneath, it can be plaid or whatever you like, by doing this you’ll create more visual interest to your front porch. Having fall flowers like mums are always a good idea, place them in ceramic flower pots or galvanized buckets for a farmhouse look, there’s so many cute one’s out there. And of course, the pumpkins line the walkway leading up to your front door with pumpkins in a variety of shapes sand colors, use some gourds to finish up your décor.

6. Keep it Simple

There’s sop much beauty in simplicity. Fall decorating is supposed to be fun, to bring back memories, to warm up your home, don’t stress out too much about it, take your time, sometimes adding a single pumpkin on the top of a book places on your end table, among a fall scented candle is all your need to accomplish is your fall décor.


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