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Your handy real estate glossary

Team 24/7 Realtors

Once you enter the realm of real estate, whether buying or selling, you’ll hear a lot of language that may.....

Cabin fever got you down? Transform your home, transform your mood

Team 24/7 Realtors

Between social distancing and the recent stay-at-home order, you aren’t the only one suffering from a bout o...

3 types of home valuation

Team 24/7 Realtors

Whether it’s a car, garage sale items or you’re selling on websites such as Ebay, successfully selling “...

The Right Way to Remove Wallpaper

Team 24/7 Realtors

If you think wallpaper is something only your grandmother would love, think again. “Wallpaper is back with a...

Is this a good time to buy or sell a home?

Team 24/7 Realtors

Social distancing. Self-quarantine. Hand sanitizer, soap and water and elbow-bumping instead of shaking hands....

A day in the life of a real estate agent

Team 24/7 Realtors

Some jobs look so easy, don’t they? Take writers, for instance. They not only work when they feel like it,.....

Fed Rate Cuts and What They Mean For Home Loan Rates

Team 24/7 Realtors

Posted on March 20, 2020 by Joseph Peck, Residential Lender In response to the uncertainty of the coronavirus ...

What you need to know about carbon monoxide in the home

Team 24/7 Realtors

Violence sells and “If it bleeds, it leads” has been the media’s strategy for the past decade or more. T...

The cost vs. benefit of buying a new-build home

Team 24/7 Realtors

You have to admit that the real estate industry is way out in front of the auto industry when it...

It’s finally spring and time to plan the perfect flower bed

Team 24/7 Realtors

It’s that time of year when the sun starts feeling a little bit warmer and the air a little less...


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