Garage Entry Caveat

Team 24/7 Realtors
Team 24/7 Realtors
Published on April 13, 2020
These days folks rarely access their homes with a key, opting for the convenience of their garage remote.
With this convenience, there are TWO important things to keep in mind:

FIRST, be sure you have a working house key accessible should the power go out or your overhead motor fail.

SECOND, “rekey” the overhead motor to your new home by “wiping” it and resetting your remotes and keypad. “Wiping” the overhead motor also disables any cars previously “paired” with it. Click here to watch a video that shows how.

Remember, even if all remotes were surrendered at closing, a previous occupant could still open your garage if the “pairing” of their car is not wiped!

Stuck at Home?

If you’ve found yourself with more time at home, this would be a good opportunity to give your locks some TLC.  

Giving each keyhole a spray with some dry lube (not WD40) and turning the locks a few times with the key can keep those rarely-used locks from gumming up on you.


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